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We are known as the industry experts in appraising high technology, medical, and scientific equipment.

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With more than 30 years of experience, Edward G. Detwiler & Associates, Ltd. provides appraisal services nationally and internationally. We specialize in valuations of high-tech, medical, scientific, and ancillary equipment, along with forecasting and research reports.

We are considered "the experts" in the healthcare field when it comes to tangible asset valuations. Our team performs a wide variety of assignments, ranging from projects as small as a single asset or an individual physician's practice to valuations of the equipment in entire hospitals or public companies in merger situations. From large to small, we can do it all!

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We Follow the Science

Our research is what sets us apart because "we follow the science." Our team has the knowledge of what the world is doing scientifically with diagnoses and cures of different diseases. This allows us to have a competitive edge on what new medical technologies are being introduced and what that can mean for the industry.

With our knowledge, research, and expertise you'll receive the most accurate valuations on tangible assets, something a depreciation schedule won't provide for you.

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Our owner started with engineering, sales, and product management. He wound up running a business that was buying and selling equipment and re-manufacturing existing equipment for upgrades. For some reason, people started calling him for free advice on the value of their equipment for leasing or transfer of ownership. Our owner found he was spending too much time on this and needed to charge for it. He kept sending invoices, and they kept paying them, so he got into this business. Our owner tried to transfer the business to another associate, but he was supposed to take care of the equipment while our owner switched to appraisal work. Our owner also became an arbitrator, which works on cases and disputes in this area where a hospital or doctor may not agree on how to value equipment, or if a third party is needed. It's kind of like a court, but more so an alternative to court. Our owner hears cases like a judge, but he's an arbitrator. This process is much less costly, and his rulings are final. It's important to know that we are an independent, objective, and professional company. We work worldwide now and value medical and scientific equipment. We are not connected with any other company and have no specific allegiance, so we are completely neutral. Our owner is a proud member of the American Society of Appraisers.

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